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Harald Hardrada's claim to the throne


Harald Hardrada was the strong Viking king of Denmark.  He was related to King Cnut Definition and his sons.  He said this gave him the right to invade.

Harald believed that an agreement made between the previous kings of England and Denmark gave him the rightful claim Definition.

He relied on his Viking reputation Definition of being fierce.  He was a tremendous warrior Definition, and had travelled across and beyond Europe.  Harald Hardrada was a true Viking, and wanted to take England by force.

Earl Tostig offered to help Harald Hardrada.  Tostig was Harold Godwinson's brother.  He had been banished Definition from England in disgrace Definition.

Hardrada and Tostig joined together to plan their invasion Definition.  They probably knew that Duke William was also planning to invade.  They thought if King Harold was distracted Definition by Duke William's invasion Definition in the south,  it would be easy to invade the north.


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