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The battle commences

It was 14th October 1066.  There was a slight mist all around.  It was about 9.30am.  England would never be the same again.

Duke William ordered his archers to fire at the Saxon shield wall.  The Norman cavalry attacked.

The shield wall was strong.  The Normans suffered heavy casualties fighting uphill.  There was fierce fighting on both sides.

The noise was incredible!  Again and again the Normans attacked the Saxon shield wall.  Again and again both sides battered each other.

Around midday, some of the Normans began to retreat due to the fierce fighting.  Some of the Saxons got excited - they sensed victory - and ran after them down the hill.

Suddenly a rumour went round that Duke William was dead - the Normans were worried!  William shouted to his soldiers and showed his face to prove he was not dead.

The small Saxon force who ran down the hill was quickly surrounded by horses.  They were slaughtered


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