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The end of the Battle

The Saxon Housecarls were drawn out of position, and the shield wall was broken.  More and more arrows were fired high into the air by the Normans.

Now the main Saxon defence had been broken, the battlefield was in chaos.  There was brutal and vicious fighting from both sides.  The Saxons still fought bravely.

The Norman attacks were now successful.  The archers were causing casualties, and the Saxons were in trouble.

King Harold Godwinson was killed.  The Saxons continued to fight, but without their leader there was little chance.

Most Saxons bravely fought on until they died.  Some fled when they saw there was no hope.

The Normans suffered heavy losses at the 'Fosse'.  This is where Saxons fought back strongly, even though they were defeated.

The Normans had won the battle!

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