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Feudalism quiz

This quick quiz will let you see how much you know about feudalism.

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1) What was the feudal system?
Promising to fight in return for money
Getting land in return for service
Giving service in return for money

2) Under the King, how many tenants-in-chief were there?
Not many, around 40-50
About 5000
About 200-300

3) Why don't all historians say the same thing about feudalism?
Historians have different ideas, some think William began feudalism, others think he just made it work better
Historians like to argue, if they all said the same thing they would never sell any books
It is difficult to spell, so some historians like to pretend it never existed - so they don't have to spell it

4) Why was the Domesday Book written?
So the first ever accurate map of England could be drawn
We don't know, but probably so William could know how much tax to charge
So when William died, there would be a fantastic record to remember him by

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Last updated Wednesday, 02 July 2003