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Resistance in the Fens

Many of the areas where William faced resistance were far away from London, making them difficult to reach quickly.  The Fens were different.

The Fenland area was mostly marshland in 1066.  

As the Fens were marshy, you had to know the safe ways to go.  One wrong turn and you could end up sinking!  

The locals knew all the secret ways and the Normans did not.  This meant any rebels could easily escape.

According to legend, the resistance was led by Hereward the Wake.  He was brave and strong. His horse, called Swallow, was the toughest and fastest in the country!

Adapted from a 19th Century picture of Hereward


What did Hereward the Wake do?
Why did Hereward cause King William problems?

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Post Hastings

Did Hereward the Wake really exist?

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Fenland resistance

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