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The Norman Conquest of England was remarkable.  This site has examined different aspects of the Conquest:

Claims to the throne

King Edward didn't make it clear who should rule.

The fight for the throne

Hardrada and Godwinson won, and Duke William of Normandy became King of England.


Resistance to the Conqueror

Resistance existed, but harsly dealt with.

Government of the kingdom

Did the Normans really introduce something new?  Probably not.

Historians will argue how much England was changed by 1066, and whether things were changing anyway.  Without a doubt, by 1087, William made sure he was in control of his new kingdom.

William swiftly dealt with any resistance he met.

Government was sustained and improved.

The English language developed and progressed.

England has never been successfully invaded again!

The Battle of Hastings was astonishing.  To quote Jim Bradbury, "... it changed a crown, it changed a nation, and it deserves its reputation as one of the few occasions and dates which everyone remembers." [The Battle of Hastings (Sutton, 1998) p.242]


Yet the Norman Conquest is more than just a date,
it is a awe-inspiring and central event in world history.

By Mr Field
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