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About the author

I am a Secondary School History teacher from Cambridgeshire.  I currently teach History, English and ICT at Neale-Wade Community College in March.

I have had an interest in the Norman Conquest ever since undertaking a private study for my History A-Level.  I developed this into a University dissertation on feudal reaction to William the Conqueror.

I created this site because I wanted an accessible historical resource to help Year 7 students investigate the Norman Conquest of England.  I found some fantastic sites on the Norman Conquest but they were largely inaccessible to Year 7 pupils due to difficult language and terminology.

I have personally checked the information using a variety of sources.  In addition to this I have had the site independently checked for accuracy by my University Tutor and other interested parties.  Any errors on this site are my own, and I apologise in advance for any such inaccuracies.  If you do spot any errors please contact me though!

This was the first internet site I created, but since this I have created a number of others, both for my History and English teaching:


School History - click here to visit

Downloadable worksheets, History Quizzes and
Internet Links for History pupils and teachers.


Twelfth Night revision - click here to visit

Interactive revision quizzes to help revision of
the plot and characters.  Worksheets provided
for additional development.


Mr Field

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