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Resistance in the North East - 1069

William's new idea to have Norman governors in the North didn't bring peace to the area.  It got a lot worse!

The new Norman governor based at Durham was murdered the same night he arrived.

There were major problems in York.  Sweyn Estrithsson, the Viking ruler of Denmark landed and was joined by local rebels.

The Normans based in York were worried. They set fire to buildings around their castle to cause the Danes trouble.  Unfortunately, the fire got out of control and the whole city burnt down!

The Normans were captured and murdered.  Yet as the city had been destroyed, the Danes couldn't camp in York!

William rushed north again.  He made an agreement with King Sweyn but was furious.  He had put up with rebellion and resistance long enough.


He wanted to make it impossible for the north to revolt again ...

The Harrying of the North

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