On this page are various photos from the supposed Definition site of the Battle of Hastings as it looks today.

Battle Abbey was built after Hastings, on the exact place where Harold is supposed to have been killed.  Historians Definition  think that when the Abbey was built, the ground was levelled out. 

This is why Senlac Hill today doesn't appear much of a hill!  

The photos below show the English Heritage Battle of Hastings Site, as can be visited today. 

 (Click on each photo for the larger image)

senlac_hill_bottom_2.JPG (45914 bytes)
Norman View Left
harold_death_view.JPG (33100 bytes)
Norman View Middle
senlac_hill_bottom_3.JPG (35534 bytes)
Norman View Right
senlac_hill_top.JPG (38517 bytes)
Saxon View Left
senlac_hill_top_2.JPG (39520 bytes)
Saxon View Middle
Side_View.JPG (28788 bytes)
Across the Battlefield


How did the sides line up?

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