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1) Who was the King of England at the beginning of 1066?
Harold Godwinson
Edward the Confessor
William the Conqueror
2) Why was there a problem when the King died?
It was unclear who would be King next
Nobody wanted to be King
The weather was terrible
3) Why was the year 1064 important to Duke William?
He was born that year
It was the year he became Duke of Normandy
Harold is supposed to have promised to support Duke William
4) Why might we doubt Harold Godwinson's claim?
He was lying 
He didn't have an independent witnesses
He had no claim to the throne
5) In 1066, who invaded England first?
Harold Hardrada
Harold Godwinson
Duke William of Normandy
6) When was the Battle of Stamford Bridge?
Sunday 24th September 1066
Monday 25th September 1066
Tuesday 26th September 1066
7) The Vikings arrived in about 300 ships, how many did they leave in?
8) How far did King Harold and his men march?
200 miles in 10 days
225 miles in 5 days
250 miles in 9 days
9) When was the Battle of Hastings?
8am to 4.30pm 14th October 1066
12noon to 4.15pm 14th October 1066
9.30am to 5.30pm 14th October 1066
10) What was the main Saxon tactic at the Battle?
Defend using the shield wall
Attack the Normans viciously
Chase the Norman soldiers down the hill
11) How did Duke William win the Battle of Hastings?
Tricking the Saxons into breaking up their shield wall
Shouting louder than the Saxons
Attacking again and again, until the Saxons had enough
12) How was King Harold killed?
An arrow in the eye
He fell backwards off his horse
He was hurt by an arrow in the eye, and then killed by sword

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