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Resistance quiz

This quick quiz will let you see how much you know about resistance to King William.

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1) Which word best describes what William used to stop resistance?

2) What did William do to prevent the north ever resisting again?
Replaced the existing Saxon Earls with his own, loyal Norman Earls.  This meant the resistance leaders were banished.
Introduced the totally new idea of Feudalism.  Everyone had responsibility, so they didn't rebel.
Annihilating large areas by burning villages and crops, destroying houses and murdering locals.

3) Did Hereward the Wake really exist?
No, like Robin Hood, he is totally made up.
Of course, there is so much evidence - his horse called Swallow, his sword called Brainbiter.
Probably, but legend has replaced any facts we might have.

4) What was the most dangerous resistance William faced?
The revolt of the Earls in 1075.
Hereward the Wake's attack on Peterborough in 1070-71.
Eadric the Wild's rebellion in 1069.

5) How did William prevent resistance?
By rewarding those who did not resist with money and land.
By building castles in vulnerable places.
By letting it fade away on its own.

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Last updated Wednesday, 02 July 2003