This page allows you to download worksheets to use with the website.  

The worksheets can be used to guide pupils towards the essential information,  and to compel them to select relevant material. 

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 There are two additional puzzle sheets which could be used for homework to reinforce the information studied in the site.

There are three worksheets available:

1.    The Claims to the Throne

This worksheet contains a series of questions to guide pupils through the different claims

2.    The Battles for the Throne

This worksheet encourages pupils to find information about the two battles (Stamford Bridge and Hastings) using the website.

3.    What do they mean?

This worksheet focuses upon literacy, asking pupils to navigate the site and click on potentially challenging words for explanations.

There are two puzzle sheets available:

1.    The Norman Conquest Wordsearch

A standard wordsearch with clues similar to the quiz on the site.

2.    A Norman Conquest Puzzle

Easier than the wordsearch, this puzzle lists fourteen words which need to be fitted together.  One word is left out at the end.


They are made for Microsoft Word 6/'95, Microsoft Word '97/2000  and Adobe Acrobat.  If you need the files in a different format, please e-mail me, and I will endeavour to supply you with the required files!

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The Claims to the Throne

Word 6/95

Word 97/2000


The Battles for the Throne

Word 6/95

Word 97/2000


What do they mean?
[Literacy worksheet]

Word 6/95

Word 97/2000


The Norman Conquest Wordsearch

Word 6/95

Word 97/2000

A Norman Conquest Puzzle

Word 6/95

Word 97/2000

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So much of teaching is sharing of resources.  You can have mine,  and if you have anything you feel would be useful to others - and are willing to have it posted here - please contact me.

Obviously I would be extremely greatful if you can correct any errors or improve on the worksheets!

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