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Resistance in the South-West

The South West of England was a problem for William for two reasons.

  • The South West people disliked any king who tried to tax them, whether he was Saxon or Norman.
  • Harold's Godwinson's mother lived in Exeter and his sons lived close by in Ireland.  They could cause trouble!
King William led his army to Exeter.  The city had refused to recognise William as their King.  The rebellion was caused by both Harold Godwinson's mother and taxes!  William soon crushed the rebels and built another castle.

 Later that year, two of Harold's sons tried to take Bristol.  They failed, but plundered coastal towns on their way back to Ireland.

Harold Godwinson's sons ravaged Devon, trying to annoy William.

After 1069, William faced little resistance.  Harold Godwinson's relatives always tried to cause trouble, but the people knew about the Harrying of the North.  This, together with William's new castles stopped any more major resistance.


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