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The Reaction

The other claimants Definition  were furious.  They each felt they had the rightful claim Definition to the throne.

Internal link Harald Hardrada, the ruthless Viking, set sail for England.  Internal link Tostig joined up with him and they landed in Northumbria [see arrow on map below].

Harold Hardrada defeated the local English army in a battle at Internal link Fulford Gate.  He now thought he controlled the area. 

The new King (Internal link Harold Godwinson) was determined to stop him.  He marched north, recruiting Definition men to help him fight.

They met at Stamford Bridge on 25th September 1066.  This was to be a vital battle to decide which Harold would rule.


Would Harold Godwinson be able to defend his new kingdom?
Would Harold Hardrada manage to gain a glorious victory?

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