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Timeline of 1066

As can be seen in this site, a great deal happened in 1066!

Below is a brief timeline of events. 
Pupils wishing to create a diary of 1066 will find this useful.

Clicking on the 'Event' will take you to that part in the story.

Date (approximate)

5th January

6th January

early May

all Summer

early September

20th September

25th September

28th September

13th October

14th October

24th December


Edward the Confessor dies.

Harold Godwinson crowned King.

Halley's Comet is visible.

Harold waited for William to invade.

Harold Hardrada lands in Northumbria.

Hardrada wins Battle of Fulford Gate.

King Harold wins Battle of Stamford Bridge.

William lands in the south.

Having rushed south, Harold camps at Senlac.

The Battle of Hastings

William crowned King in Westminster Abbey


1066 - a remarkable year!

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